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"Supportive Living Community"
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What is supportive living?

The Illinois Supportive Living program offers housing and specific services to seniors 65 and older. The goal of the program is to preserve privacy and autonomy while emphasizing health and wellness for persons who would otherwise need nursing facility care. Supportive Living is Assisted Living with the piece of mind that if personal funds run low, the state of Illinois could help subsidize your payments.

If I qualify for Medicaid, do all my Funds go to pay for my room?

Each Medicaid-eligible resident contributes all but $90 each month to St. Francis Woods for a room, meals and services. You keep $90 to purchase your personal toiletries, hair dresser, private phone, etc. This excludes the cost for prescription medication co-pays and any health insurance or pharmacy insurance premiums.

What services do you provide?

We provide nursing care, personalized care plans, medication reminders, weekly housekeeping, laundry services, transportation, daily meals and snacks, paid utilities, a personal call system in each room, and recreational activities in a fun-loving, caring environment.

Do I have to participate in all the activities?

Certainly not! We plan onsite activities for your convenience and enjoyment, but we know that individuals have different interests and hobbies. You can choose to attend your favorite activities, enjoy your free time in our common areas and sun room, socialize with other residents, or relax in the privacy of your own room.

Am I free to come and go as I please?

Yes! We encourage residents to remain as independent as possible. You are free to leave to do your own shopping, visit friends and family, eat out, attend meetings and events – whatever you prefer.

What if I need home health or hospice services?

St. Francis Woods accommodates the needs of every resident and can help you obtain home health or hospice services when needed.